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Oats liver cleansing at home

Cleansing the liver with oats. The well-being of a person directly depends on his state of health. Given the fact that hundreds of processes in the body occur with the participation of the liver or directly in it, it becomes clear that taking care of the liver is always necessary.

How to treat seborrheic eczema at home

What does seborrhoeic eczema look like? More often the disease affects the area of ​​the head, back, chest and cheeks, it is manifested mainly on oily skin. What does seborrheic eczematid look like? The main symptom - extensive, bright scaly patches of yellow or white.

Effective candles against thrush

General information Modern vaginal antifungal suppositories for thrush are by far the simplest and most convenient method of treating an infection triggered by the “attacks” of Candida fungus.

Mulberry (Morus

General description Mulberry (lat.Morus) - small fleshy fruits that have the shape of stones 2-3 cm. The berries are juicy, sweet and have a pleasant aroma.

Acute back pain

Acute back pain Summary: At least 80% of people have a significant spinal pain episode at least once in their lifetime. It can be said that pain in the spine is a problem characteristic of all mankind.